StegoSOC in Nasscom emerge 50

Today I want to share a quick update with you all. For the work that I (I includes couple more people :D) have been doing for over an year, has finally proved that we are solving the right problem with right approach.

Nasscom has chosen us for Emerge 50 Awards. That’s quite a bit of motivation for us. We started on Cybersecurity Landscape in 2017 April, with an intent to cut down threat detection time and remove unusually high labour involved in Cybersecurity defense practices.

I had already wrote down a separate post with a high level overview of, How do we do that, here. It was always very exciting to step into the domain of Cybersecurity leveraging AI and state of the art best defense practices, combining them both both and bring the best out of all.

That’s all for now, Diwali is coming. Keep celebrating. Cheers !!

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