I stepped into competitve programming in my college. I started from SPOJ attempted Life, the Universe, and Everything and wola got compilation errror :laughing:

Anyways, that was a learning curve and I continued with other platforms like Codechef and Codeforces along with SPOJ. Topcoder problems were tough then and now as well :wink:

In the spirit of making myself a better developer, I am releasing all my submitted solutions of various problems on all platforms. The main reason behind putting all my codes at one place is very simple. Whenever I have a space to revisit my competitve programming, I find it lazy to login into every other platform and look through the solutions. By putting all of them in one place makes me more organised and strive to code more optimised solutions for the problems I had solved earlier. This also helps me to make myself prepare from software developer interviews perspective.

And to put anything in public domain, what’s better than github? So visit here to see all the solutions Github link.

Please note, I haven’t visited each problem’s source and added solutions here. I have scraped most of the websites to collect my submitted AC solutions.

I will release scrape scripts as well very soon.

P.S: I will continue contributing to this repo. So, checkout the repo with problem name or code, if you are stuck on any problem for many days. If solution is not available, open a issue and I will try to help you.