For me, It rolled out very tough, when it comes to singing with or without karaoke. I tried a mix of both in these three beautiful songs.

My first experience of singing with a recording? Out of key, out of time…Still, here are they.

An excerpt from this song

The sensational romantic song from Bollywood Movie Kuch Kuch Hota hai was not an easy one to try. Although this song was originally sung by Udit Narayan, but I eventually got inspiration from this performance. A special memory related to this song - I usually record on my laptop multiple times for a particular song and probably it gets better after each recording (LOL - as far as it seems to me). But surprisingly the version uploaded on soundcloud for this song was my first attempt to this song. And all subsequent recordings were bad than this.

An excerpt from this song

And again from a typical arijit fan, what can one expect. Another lovely song, No special memories towards this, multiple tries, some noise cleaning using Audacity and that’s it.

An excerpt frpm this song

Probably the worst song I have ever sung and recorded too :D. This is the reason why I uploaded only 11 seconds for this one. But this trial was completely on Karaoke.